Fly Tipping Removal

Professional fly tipping removal and clearance in South Wales

Dealing with Fly-Tipping as a Business Owner

Fly-Tipping is harmful to the environment, illegal and can be a huge headache to any business owner. Caerphilly Skip Hire have huge experience in removing waste caused by fly-tipping from Business Premises.

What Should I Do With Fly-Tipping Waste on Private Land?:

In 2020, there were approximately 1 million fly tipping incidents that were reported and dealt with by local councils. This is not only a headache to a business owner but it can also leave them out of pocket. Reporting the waste to your local council is always the first thing you should do, as well as recording the waste before you attempt to remove it.

Whilst the clearance of the waste will be your responsibility, you can off-set the cost of the clearance if the offenders are caught. Working with professional clearance services is a must as they’ll have the resources to deal with the waste appropriately.

We can:
  • Clear compounds quickly
  • Remove fly-tipping from access roads
  • Clear Fly-tipping from Site Entrances
Just call us on 02920 862328, let us know your requirements and the location of the rubbish, and we can provide a quote to remove the rubbish fast.

Work with Caerphilly Skips:

If you’re looking for professional fly tipping removal and clearance, Caerphilly Skip Hire is the solution to your problem. We’ve worked with businesses for years helping them to deal with the nuisance of illegally dumped waste so they can carry on with their work.

We have a wide range of vehicles manned by experienced drivers that can help to clear your land of fly-tipped waste. As a professional skip hire service, we can process the waste to be disposed of properly reducing the impact the waste has on the environment.

*We only offer services to commercial/business due to the scale of the job. All domestic fly tipping should be reported to your local council

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