Skip Hire Penarth

Managing your clutter can be incredibly stressful especially when you’re doing something to the home. Whether it be a small renovation of a new kitchen or bathroom or even just spring cleaning, waste can just accumulate when we least expect it. We can all save space from clutter by having a clear out now and again, the problem is however just finding a way to dispose of that waste can be difficult. Sure you could pop down to the local tip but moving all that waste can be problematic, especially for those that are renovating their homes since they’ll most likely have a lot of construction waste that needs getting rid of. In most renovation situations, unless you’re DIY’ing, you aren’t going to have a choice since the workers doing the work are going to have to use a skip. For more information about our Skip Hire Penarth service please visit our site today.

Skip Hire Penarth

Skip Hire Penarth

The good news is that this problem can be solved by hiring a skip from a reliable company like Caerphilly Skips! As long as you have a purpose for a skip, Caerphilly can provide a valued service that’s affordable & professional that will suit your needs. Our skips can be placed onto private property or onto a public road if you don’t have the space to store it (on-road skips must be used in conjunction with a permit). A skip is an amazing solution for disposing of waste immediately, keeping it out of sight & out of mind as it’s all contained in one container that is easily disposed of. A truck will come to your property to drop the skip off and will be back when you’re finished with it! From short term to long term hire, Caerphilly skips allows all types of uses & plans giving you a truly bespoke service. We also have a range of skips that are suitable for most domestic uses, as well as commercial uses for those that are in the trade and need a reliable skip service for their work.

How do I hire a skip?


Hiring a skip is very easy these days, with a service being a phone call away! We even take online requests too, with a follow-up phone call to confirm a few details! You just need to tell us how long you’ll need the skip for, and when you’d like it collected and that is it! Finding a more experienced skip provider than Caerphilly Skips is going to be difficult since we’ve been operating in the Penarth & South Wales area for decades.

What Skip Should I Hire?


There are a few things you should consider before you hire a skip, like size and storage requirements so that you can get the right skip for you. Skips come in many different sizes so it’s good to know what you’re going to use it for so that we can provide the right size! from 2-yard to maxi-skips, we’re able to cater for everyone. Something like a 2 or 4-yard skip is ideal for clear outs or home renovations since they have ample space for most domestic tasks. These skips are also reasonably sized so they’re able to be stored in a driveway. If you don’t have the space for a skip on your own property & need to hire one then Caerphilly also have you covered. On-road skips are very common and are used predominantly in built-up city areas as they often won’t have enough space. Like we’ve said above, a permit will have to be acquired from the local council in order to store a skip on a public highway, however, we do the legwork for you and obtain a permit so that you won’t have to worry about sorting the paperwork! We don’t charge commission on the permits needed for an on-road skip so you’re getting one of the best deals out there!

Throwing Away Hazardous Material


The only thing you should really consider is if the way you are planning on throwing out is hazardous. There’s a variety of items & materials that you aren’t able to dispose of in a skip since they either need special processing or can be a hazard if left in a skip. Some materials can cause a fire hazard so these can’t be stored in a skip. Large items like mattresses can’t be stored as well as appliances like fridges or freezers. This is because refrigerants can cause environmental hazards if the gas were to leak, so these need to be disposed of separately. Other materials like plasterboard and asbestos can’t be disposed of either as gypsum & asbestos waste have to be processed separately too. An odd item that can’t be disposed of are full tins of paint, however, we have had a few cases of old tins of paint being thrown out which can again cause a hazard due to high amounts of lead & even asbestos contained in them. Please check whether or not your tins of paint are empty before you dispose of them.

Where can I store my skip?


Skips can be stored in a variety of places, from front drives to gardens, & even public highways if you have a permit. Depending on the size of your skip, you should aim to store your skip somewhere close enough to be convenient, but nowhere that’ll block access. If you don’t have enough space or the actual need to store a skip, then there are a range of “wait & load” services that are available to you. This service allows you to load the skip whilst someone from the skip company waits so you’ve technically not placed the skip anywhere. This removes the need for storage as well as any permits which is useful if you just need to dispose of scrap quickly!

What size skip should do I need?


The size of skip that you hire should be decided on how much waste you would like to store/get rid of since size dictates how much you can throw away. For small home renovations/clear outs, a 2/4 yard skip should be more than sufficient, however, depending on the scale of the task, you may want to look for something bigger. You should always consult with the skip company as they will be able to provide decent advice that you can work from. Chances are, they would have had someone using a skip for the same reason you are, so they have a rough idea of what sizes you may need for your purpose.

What can’t I store in a skip?


You are able to throw a lot of things away in a skip, from general waste to rubble from construction. There are however things that cannot go into a skip as it can cause health hazards. From pollution concerns to fire hazards, there is a range of items like furniture, old tvs and lead paint that need to be disposed of elsewhere. For a comprehensive list of the things you cannot store in a skip, contact your local authorities for guidelines. If you are in doubt as to whether or not you can store something in your skip, it is always worth checking, after all, if throwing an item in a skip will cause health hazards, then it is always better to be sure.

How much will skip hire cost?


The cost of skip hire will go up or down depending on how long you need to hire the skip for, as well as how big your skip is. We provide skip hire services from £100. This is our aim to be an affordable service provider as well as reliable since we want to offer a professional service that won’t break the bank. Skip hire costs will also depend on what service you need, since there are a few different services that may suit you better. From wait & load services to standard storage, you’ll want to pick a service that’s going to suit your needs best. If you need to store your skip on a public road you also have to think about the cost of a street permit. We as a provider don’t charge commission on the permits however, so we aren’t making you pay for something you could arrange yourself!

Skip hire to meet your requirements

We are able to offer skip hire that is truly tailored to any requirements that you have. We understand the skip that you require will differ depending on your situation. If you are unsure on the skip that you require, our team are always on hand to offer you impartial advice on the most suitable solution. Our skips can be well suited to a variety of properties. Whether you are interested in skip hire for your home or commercial property, we will endeavour to meet requirements.

What items can I store in my skip?

So what items can you actually store in your skip? It is worth noting that any hazardous material that you wish your property should not be stored in you skip. In fact, it is actually illegal to mix up hazardous materials with non-hazardous materials. If you need to store any hazardous materials then you actually need to obtain a special permit as well as specific containers to store them. Your skip can be used to store a variety of building materials, debris, household items and green waste. If you are renovating your home, or perhaps moving into a new home/property, hiring a skip is a great way to quickly clear out your property.

On top of this, the law is very strict on how much you are allowed to put into your skip. This is because the skip must be deemed to be safe for transport. For this reason, the skip will not be collected in any circumstances if the skip is overfilled. This is one of the reasons that it is a good idea to hire a skip that has a slightly bigger capacity than you think you may need. It is always better to have more space and not need it, than to fill your skip but still need more room.


What type of skips do you offer?


Caerphilly Skips have a wide range of skips from small domestic skips to large industrial scale skips. We’ve helped thousands of homes clear out their junk, and hundreds of construction sites clearing out their rubble! Regardless of why you need a skip, we’ll have a container sized perfectly for your needs. Our 2 yard skips are perfect for those small scale tasks, however you may want to consider a 4 or 8 yard if you are thinking about re-doing the entire home. We also provide roll on/roll off skips that are perfect for industrial scale tasks like large development work and building projects. We have also seen these used to store waste for companies that don’t want to arrange a regular waste management service.

Are you in search of a professional skip hire provider for your domestic or commercial skip hire needs? Caerphilly Skip Hire provides a full skip hire service from quote to delivery & collection. From Penarth to Cardiff, Caerphilly Skips aims to offer a reliable skip hire service that suits your needs.

If you’re looking for great waste disposal and recycling company from Caerphilly to Cardiff and all over South Wales, Caerphilly Skips is the place to go. Ring us right away on 029 2086 2328 or visit this website for additional information about skip hire in Penarth