Is there a kitchen renovation, garden remodel or construction project on the horizon for you? The first question you should be asking Is what size skip do I need.  In order to understand skip size, we have created this article, where we will walk you through the different sizes available in the UK and give you some examples as to what projects they are commonly used for.  We are keen to help you make an informed decision for your project’s waste removal and management.


What Are the Common Use Cases for a 2 Cubic Yard Mini Skip?

This type of skip is great for a smaller Project. Perfect for clearing out a loft space, denaturing the garage, a smaller garden cleans up, or smaller home renovation project like a bathroom for example wood benefits from this size skip.  The compact size allows them to fit on most driveways.


When Should I Consider Using a 4 Cubic Yard Midi Skip?

Midi skips offer a bit more space for your waist.  They are perfect for a larger home or garden project and similarly to the mini skip they fit in a driveway or a garden.  they can be used for projects like garden tree pruning or shrub removal, medium-sized groom home Renovations, clearing out garage or garden shed. 


In What Situations Should I Opt for a 12 Cubic Yard Maxi Skip?

We recommend this type of skip before larger home Renovations such as whole house reverbs, clearing out the larger properties like commercial residential properties that have multiple rooms and bedrooms.  They are perfect for the removal of multi items like old furniture or kitchens, and can even deal with waste of a medium size construction project.


When Does It Make Sense to Choose a Roll-on Roll-off Skip (16+ Cubic Yards) for My Project?

At Caerphilly skips, we call this type of skip the Titan of waste disposal.  it is capable or Carling the biggest loaves and as a result they are perfect for large developments. We recommend this type of skip four large scale construction projects like demolitions or new build homes.  They helped with extensive sites that clearing land to be better or mounting ways for an industrial project.  They can handle large quantities of soil and other aggregates that I found in construction.  These are best for a project that generates a lot of ways over a large period of time.  This type of skip does require a street permit,  but we can arrange that for you at no extra cost. 


Why Would I Benefit from Using an Easy Fill Skip for Heavier Items?

This type of skip is brilliant for getting grid of heavy items like bricks, concrete or soil. Play match project where the waste is large or heavy items like bath or kitchen appliances they also compliment regarding and safe and job that requires removals in slabs and kind aid projects like office clear out of furniture and equipment.  This type of skip comes in many different sizes so regardless of the amount you have you know your waste will be disposed of correctly.


How Can Enclosed Skips Keep Valuable Waste or Recyclables Safe?

Finally, enclosed skips offer an option for those disposing of waste that maybe deemed valuable, like copper steel or other recyclables.  Construction sites that have these materials on will benefit from using an encoding skip as it protects from thieves or tampering.  They are an option for events or public gatherings where waste disposing needs to be protected and also can be used when the waist has sensitive material wind that compromises privacy or security. 

Choosing a skip that is too small will result in Multiple trips to the dump or your local waste disposal facility.  Whereas, a too large waste space and needlessly increase cost of your project.  The best way to choose a skip is to understand your project and what it requires.  Using the use cases with provided you can make an informed decision that aligns with your project. Not just for your wallet but minimises carbon emissions and promotes sustainability for a better planet.