At Caerphilly Skips, we are eager to stop the act of fly-tipping in Cardiff and therefore we promote saving the environment by disposing of waste the correct way. According to the Government, In 2021 to 2022, there were an estimated 1.1 million fly-tipping incidents that occurred, implying a massive impact on our environment, and causing a negative downfall on the local council. Disposing of your waste is your own responsibility, so make sure that you take the wise and appropriate action of using our Skip Hire in Cardiff.

Waste dumped in the countryside, an illegal social issue, fly tipping causing environmental pollution

What is Fly Tipping

Fly-tipping is the illegal action of dumping or disposing of waste in unauthorized areas. Instead of disposing of your waste in legal circumstances, such as recycling, public bins and skip hire. Some individuals dump their waste in public areas, private land and even along sideroads. In this circumstance, not only do fly-tipping actions commit a crime, but you will also negatively impact the environment significantly, causing many health risks to the public, land and sea. Local authorities are putting in plans to charge strict penalties to individuals who wish to fly-tip.

Reasons why you shouldn’t be fly-tipping

There are many reasons why businesses and individuals should not fly-tip, and this can come down to many different factors.

Damage to reputation

Disposing of waste in an unauthorised area can cause a bad reputation due to how the area will look visually. Waste is not a pretty sight, especially in a living area, where this can cause outsiders to think negatively about the location, where they will think that it looks dirty, not looked after, and disrespected.

Threat to wildlife and Habitats

Dumping waste in areas that contain wildlife and habitats can be very hazardous, causing animals to potentially get caught in the waste, or even swallow it. To protect the local ecosystem, we ask you to please manage waste responsibly, helping to preserve wildlife.

Public Health Concerns

Fly-tipping can lead to various health risks due to the spread of diseases and the attraction of many unwanted pests, causing members of the public in the area to get sick. Appropriate waste disposal is essential for ensuring that public areas stay sanitary and clean.

Community well-being

Fly-tipping can cause many downfalls for local resident’s well-being, in the simple fact that it is not aesthetically pleasing to look at, it diminishes the overall quality of life, presents a ‘disrespected lifestyle’ and poses health risks to society. Going out for daily walks may not seem as relaxing as it should when there is rubbish and waste spread in public areas.

Legal Consequences

Fly-tipping is an illegal action that can result in many consequences, including, large fines (maximum £1000), penalties and even being sent to prison. To avoid being engaged with these consequences, you can carry out the disposal of waste in the correct way.

The correct procedures for disposing of waste in Cardiff

When disposing of waste in Cardiff, it is absolutely essential that you follow legal guidelines and regulations to correspond with managing waste effectively. If you are looking for professional and reliable fly tipping removal, we have the solution for you! At Caerphilly Skips, we have a variety of skips that you can choose from, containing many different sizes, being assigned to meet your needs. We can help to effectively remove the waste from your land, and successfully dispose of the waste correctly to reduce the negative impact fly-tipping has on the environment.